Version 4.1 Update Released

FAR and GrainGrowers are pleased to announce ProductionWise version 4.1

Adviser App Improvements

  • New activity selection screen
  • View growers paddock diary
  • View growers farm plans
  • View submitted and un-submitted recommendations in separately sorted lists
  • Use saved operation templates when creating recommendations
  • Create and approve multi-farm recommendations

General App Improvements

  • Set the mixing order of operation inputs with drag and drop
  • Improved sorting of numbered paddocks
  • Vastly improved sync time
  • Relocated account tab in left menu
  • Styling improvements

Adviser Website Improvements

  • Register new growers as a contact from the connections page to quickly setup a new grower and create recommendations
  • All new recommendation report creation page
  • Create and approve multi-farm recommendaitons
  • Import old recommendation PDF’s into the GrainGrowers cloud for future reference and safe keeping

General Website Improvements

  • Custom reports are now processed offline and emailed to you when complete
  • Custom reports now suppports chemical group filtering
  • Record trial crop variety names by selecting other and adding the name manually
  • Implement selection in operation forms now defaults to the last used
  • Recently used operation comments are displayed for quick reuse
  • Farm plan reports show nutrient NPKS totals for each paddock
  • Errors on the gross margin page are highlighted
  • Edit operation and input errors directly from the gross margin page
  • Export and import farm map KML’s
  • Set the mixing order of operation inputs with drag and drop
  • Farm map layer settings are remembered

Plus many other new features, improvements and fixes.

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