Version 1.6 Update Released

GrainGrowers are pleased to announce ProductionWise version 1.6. The changes include;

My Diary – Specify pre-treated seed at sowing

Growers can now specify if they have used pre-treated seed when recording a sowing operation.  This removes the need to specify a treatment rate and fixes flow on issues in reporting and gross margin calculations.

My Diary – Irrigation water costs

When adding an irrigation operation, water cost is now recorded as $/ML (megalitre) to enable growers to capture the price of water per unit depending on the water source selected.

My Diary – Price remembering of water and seed costs

The diary now remembers the cost of water for an irrigation operation based on the water source selected and also the cost of seed for a sowing operation.  Once an operation has been added once, ProductionWise will remember the most recent price. This functionality improves the accuracy of reporting and gross margin calculations

My Diary – Seed Cost

When entering a sowing operation, the seed cost is now recorded as $/kg instead of $/ha. This value combined with sowing rate automatically calculates cost/ha which appears in the inputs list and in the gross margin page.

My Diary – Grazing stock classes

When entering grazing operations, growers can now select from an expanded range of stock classes to provide more accurate reporting of grazing activities. 

General – Site optimisation and bug fixes

Continuous development on the ‘backend’ of ProductionWise aims to provide users with a stable, secure and seamless interface to access their data.  Site optimisation is extremely important to enable ProductionWise to function properly and we have addressed a number of bugs that have been raised.  If you come across any issues, please do not hesitate to contact us via the feedback form to let us know so we can rectify them immediately.

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