Latest Release – Version 4.7

Latest Release – Version 4.7

We are pleased to announce several recent updates to ProductionWise over the last month.? Some of these features you may have already had the opportunity to use and thanks to those who have provided feedback which has allowed the Team to fine tune some of the new features.


Record Your Rainfall

  • Record your own rainfall for multiple locations across your farming enterprise
  • Import previous years rainfall using the template for rapid data entry
  • Compare current year rainfall totals with previous years rainfall
  • View your rainfall in the Calendar view to help reference rainfall with paddock management activities

Import historical rainfall data and compare previous years rainfall with the current year

Spraying Operation Upgrades

  • Weather observations allow avg. and max. wind details including comments
  • Include details of the spray situation for improved recording and timing of your spray activities
  • Allows start and stop times to be recorded for around the clock spray activities
  • Improved ability to export weather observations captured for spraying activities
  • Operation area allows 20% buffer for overspray situations (applicable to all operations)

Enter the spray situation to better define the timing of your spraying activities

Grazing Operation Upgrades

  • Inclusion of a new field to capture?Livestock Units (LSU) based on stock class selected
  • This will enable future reports to be generated and paddock grazing pressures to be assessed

Reporting Updates

NEW – Paddock Rotation Reports

  • View paddock rotation history and highlight crop sequences to assist with planning rotations.
  • Customisable colors to highlight specific crops and export to PDF for further reference
  • Accessed from the Reports menu

View paddock crop rotations to help plan ahead

NEW – Chemical Group Reports

  • Highlight the chemical groups and the frequency of applications on your paddocks to determine resistance susceptibility and future paddock management strategies.
  • Customisable colors to highlight specific crops and export to PDF for further reference
  • Accessed from the Reports menu

Simply query your chemical group usage over time to manage rotations


NEW – Grain Storage Management in the App

  • Manage grain transfers, aeration and grain quality inspections
  • Be diligent with recording storage cleaning and pesticide applications
  • Simple adjustments and resetting silo tonnages
  • Finalise/part deliver to existing contracts (must be setup in webpage)
  • Record cash sales for grain parcels leaving the property

NEW – Record Rainfall in the App

  • Record your rainfall when out in the field (online or offline)
  • View your year to date (YTD) and growing season (GSR) totals
  • Compare the current year with previous rainfall totals
  • Note: Rainfall sites need to be setup in website first


Website and App Bug Fixes:

  • Spraying operation ? adding/editing the time of a weather observation now syncs with website
  • Growing window now defaults to the current growing year
  • Grower can now generate and view PDF farm plans through the app
  • User interface issues with Internet Explorer
  • Fixed issue with date cycling when editing planned spraying operation
  • Spraying operation weather observations ordered by date/time ascending
  • Fixed spraying operation end time validation prompt
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