Autumn Release 4.5

We are pleased to announce the latest release Version 4.5 of developments for ProductionWise.
A number of these latest features/improvements have been based on feedback from many of the growers and trusted advisers.

Latest Release Items

  • Calendar view of paddock activities (web)
    • Viewing paddock activities and upcoming plans just got a whole lot easier with the calendar
    • View any?activities entered into the paddock diary such as actuals, plans, recos or observations
    • Enter new activities from the calendar easily
    • To access, go to the FARMS or PADDOCKS page and click Calendar (Top Right)
  • Share operations with contractors or farm workers (web & app)
    • Growers and advisers can now share paddock activities as jobs to complete with 3rd parties such as contractors and farm workers
    • Recipients can?receive a job without having a ProductionWise account?that also allows?additional information to be provided upon completion of the job
    • Pricing information can be editable, read only or hidden for privacy
    • Receive an email notification once the job has been completed
    • To access, go to PADDOCKS and for the?selected?activity, click Share
  • Custom variety/inputs can now be?entered on the run?(web & app)
    • Quickly and easily, growers and advisers can now add products that don?t appear in the provided input or crop variety lists
    • Improves your efficiency?to continue with farm planning, creating a recommendation or data entry without lost time
    • Adding Inputs – From the inputs page, select ‘Custom’ and?enter the name of the new input
    • Adding Variety – From a Sowing Operation, when selecting Variety, select Other from Add New Variety option
  • Production Summary Reporting?(web)
    • Designed to help you?provide accurate information for the AIMI survey
    • Provides a summary?view the current status of your paddocks production capacity and value using budgeted yield and price
    • Paddock summary of recent harvests assessing budgeted yield, price and revenue compared with actual values recorded at harvest time
    • Summary of planned sowing and/or planted sowing intentions to determine production potential and estimate of crop value
    • To access, go to REPORTS page and select?Production Summary
  • Contract Summary Reporting (web)
    • Designed to help you?provide?accurate information for the AIMI survey
    • Provides an overview of grain contracts recorded in the system
    • Assists?you in determining your current grain contract obligations and grain position
    • To access, go to REPORTS page and select Contract Summary
  • Make comments with style?(web & app)
    • Comments for any operation can now be made with basic styling such as bold, italics, underlines and bullet/numbered points
    • This?provides more flexibility when formatting notes and comments to activities
  • ProductionWise NZ has had a face lift?(web)
    • You will notice ProductionWise NZ has changed its look to?conform to the FAR?branding
  • Help us communicate effectively with you?(web)
    • Ability to receive system email and SMS notifications when we push information to you
    • You can?select the types of notifications you want to receive from ProductionWise
    • To update these settings, go to?ACCOUNT SETTINGS and Change Details
  • Benchmarking tool update?(web)
    • Updated average column to show a weighted average?- incorporating paddock area size in?calculation
    • Added Total column to provide sum of?each component queried
    • To access, go to the?TOOLS menu?and select Benchmarking page


  • Images attached to observations are now stored as low-res thumbnails to improve sync speed and reducing the overall application size stored on your device
  • Bug fixed where exporting input lists through Custom Report was causing errors
  • Bug?fixed where Recommendation reports were intermittently being sent to the third party set up in the Report settings page
  • Bug fixed where Grain Storage reset?was not?clearing the crop type from that storage
  • Plus numerous site optimisations and improvements
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