App Version 1.7 Adviser Paddock Diary Update

The ProductionWise software development team has been working hard in recent months to bring you the latest ProductionWise mobile App update. A key long term goal for our team is to build all of the Web based features of ProductionWise into the app and this release is the latest in an going effort of scheduled improvements in our development pipeline.

Many of the improvements that we build into our system come from valuable user feedback, it?s a critical way for us to identify system improvements and we always consider it when it comes through.

The latest version 1.7 update includes many enhancements for advisers, and improving their ability to interact with their connected growers. A summary of these include:

Improvements to the Adviser App

  • Create or edit activities in grower paddock diaries.
  • Approve/deny planned and recommended operations for their connected growers.
  • Apply templates to growers? paddock diaries.
  • View the location of observations on a map.
  • Select from a list of default and/or remembered costs for operations.
  • Select favourites when adding inputs to operations.
  • Reuse saved comments when creating operations in their grower’s diary
  • Sync submitted recommendation reports for offline viewing.
  • Change the operation area of recommended operations.

General Enhancements & Bug Fixes

  • Added filtering by activity types in the diary for Growers and Advisers.
  • Further improvements to the sync and operational speeds.
  • Draft recommendation creation speed is vastly improved.
  • Bug fix for Advisers when viewing a sowing operation.
  • My favourite products are now synced with the website.
  • Adviser account syncing improvements for large accounts.
  • Photo syncing to the website has been enhanced.

The update is now available from the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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