Your ProductionWise imagery email has arrived. Where to now?

If you?ve come here from a link on a imagery email, it?s an email that?s been sent during?the season, a few days after the image has been taken by either Sentinel or Landsat satellites. It might not have an image in it (if there?s been cloud), but it has links to all of the previous images. There are many things you might get out of it, but its main use is as a way of figuring out where to look on the ground. More on that later.

The email

You should familiarize yourself with the key parts of the email. The table of contents should be towards the top. If the email is from an image that wasn?t completely covered in cloud, there?ll be links to Charts, Overview images, Individual images, Legends, and Previous images. A clouded image will only have Individual images, which is a list of missing images, Legends, and Previous images.

  • Charts are a quick way of checking whole-paddock progress through the season. If you?ve chosen paddock ?groups?, there?ll be one chart per group. The groups sort the paddocks by green cover. If there?s only one group, it will be called ?All paddocks?.
  • Overview images are a quick way of looking at a group of paddocks together. Generally there will be an overview image with the green cover (NDVI) images superimposed, and a ?natural colour? image. The ?natural colour? images are good for identifying cloud effects, and important to check if there are any cloud warnings. Paddocks that are close together (less than 2km) are shown together in ?clusters?, to try to make the images as large as possible.
  • Individual images show each paddock as wide as possible, and are good for investigating patterns and effects within paddocks.
  • Legends show the maximum amount of variation within a paddock group, across a farm. All the paddocks within a paddock group will have the same legend. The legends are equal-area legends, so the area of a colour in a paddock group will be roughly the same as the proportion it occupies on the legend. A paddock that is mostly red (the lowest level of green cover) has most of that level of green cover on the farm. The change legend works the same way. This section maps the colours to a standard legend, so you can understand whether a colour (for example ?red?) means bare earth, or whether it?s actually quite good crop, but just the lowest level across that group of paddocks.
  • Previous images has a table of all the images received during the order, sorted from recent to oldest. Cloud symbols indicate the overall cloud rating for the image.