ProductionWise is developed by the Foundation for Arable Research. FAR provides ProductionWise crop record keeping and support tools to farmers and their advisers, to help promote efficiency, sustainability and profitability in modern farming enterprises.


Record keeping & planning

  • Digital farm mapping
  • Paddock record keeping
  • Paddock future planning
  • Grain storage record keeping
  • Grain contracts and sales management
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Operation templates for fast data entry
  • Available for both Growers and Advisers

Additional decision support

  • Automatically generate Overseer reports
  • Create and export vendor declaration report for traceability
  • Gross margins generated for each paddock and whole farm
  • Paddock benchmarking for cost of production comparisons
  • Send/Receive recommendations from connected advisers
  • FAR regional performance benchmarking reports

Apple & Android offline apps

  • Record observations, operations & inputs
  • View paddock history & farm map
  • Work offline with no mobile reception
  • For both grower and adviser accounts


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